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Tower Box Technologies offers State of the Art Variable Speed DC Generator Solutions.  Our generators for Telecom Application create less than 100mV ripple, save on fuel, are capable of wind and solar integration, provide on site security and remote telemetry. We also utilize a Smart Battery Management System and offer a line of battery products just for telecom. 

Why variable speed generators? When feeding variable loads, the power demand from the generator is also variable.  Constant speed generators are tuned to operate at high efficiency at their full load demand.  For a variable load, engine speed should also vary according to the load demand, where optimum fuel is consumed for that particular load level.

The DCDG technology that Tower Box Technologies offers includes the Generator Control, Battery Management System, Converter which ensures a pure DC output with less than 100mV ripple (suitable for direct feed of telecom equipment), Solar Inverter for renewable energy integration, remote telemetry, and the control unit to bring all these systems together.

Tower Box Technologies



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